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We mix the gardens
of the world.



In their Liquid Garden, 


the three experts, who previously celebrated the art of mixology in the Hamburg bar scene, offer their guests a completely new bar experience.


In Hamburg’s Kontorhaus district, they realized a place that focuses on what makes a bar: extraordinary
drinks for people who are curious about the world and its stories. A place where you are among friends who are united by a sense of the unexpected. A bar with an extraordinary magic, where residents and visitors of the Hanseatic port city agree that they will see each
other here very soon.



An innovative bar experience in a historic setting

and a unique taste concept for an aromatic world tour through the gardens of the earth.


Through a legend of flavors, guests can trace how the unique flavor profiles are created. Guests at the Liquid Garden do not simply receive a drink, but are challenged to reconstruct how a flavor profile is created and from where it originates. Accompanied by fine small dishes, one wanders through the diversity of botanical worlds.


From herbally impressive to freshly fruity to

exotic essences with a magical impact.

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At Liquid Garden,


in the heart of the city,

the love of bar culture, the joy of discovery and
the exchange of new ideas meet.


A retreat full of warmth, a tribute to the stories of the
neighborhood and, at the same time, a bar where it is a pleasure to dive into the world of good taste.


An indispensable place for people to exchange thoughts, work out ideas and shape the future together.


A space for inspiration and optimism in a time of an uncertain future.


A place where bar culture is lived as it should be

and which shows that true hidden talents can be found in Hamburg.

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